“Nothing will be like it was before.”


OperaBit Srl was established as a Software House, Automation and System Integrator and Big Data Management Company focusing on the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine sectors, in order to provide our corporate clients with operative applications and technological solutions enabling them to remotely monitor and control products sold, distributed and used, throughout the world.

OperaBit Srl was set up to provide the Business-to-Business market with Day by Day operational services to remotely monitor and check products, and to manage and analyse data which companies exchange with their devices, in order to provide their respective clients with new post-sales services, and transfer this new added value to them.



OperaBit Srl also provides turnkey hardware and software applications to companies which produce devices, thereby rapidly allowing them to control not only their own products via web and wirelessly, but also to control other products sold as a set or others which are already available and purchasable independently by clients in the market, again through the same smartphone, tablet and PC application.

OperaBit Srl provides software for running automated and First Level Customer Services, for monitoring and resolving malfunctioning by means of targeted actions, messaging services and activation of traditional services for repairing devices and handling spare parts.

OperaBit Srl offers applications in an open environment which is easy for clients to use; they interact with and are integratable with other systems and applications available on the market, in order to allow end clients to have a single interface for controlling their various devices, including devices produced by different companies.

OperaBit Srl operates in the beta B2B and B2C markets with a team of highly qualified workers.